Eudyptula Linux projects

More Linux - less bloat

Eudyptula is the common roof for several projects that aim to bring the fat pengiun back into a fit shape.


Why the name "Eudyptula"?

The Eudyptula minor also known as "Little Pengiun" is the smallest penguin in the world. Here's a photo of one specimen: Eudyptula Penguin
Image by "Fir0002/Flagstaffotos"
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The name was choosen in rememberance of the time that one could fit a fully functional regular Linux system into less than 16MiB of storage. Those times are long gone, but keeping the system footprint small has several benefits. This project aims to bring down the size of a functional and usual Linux installation as far as possible.Note that this is not a distribution! This is more like a overclocking benchmark. Getting it as small as possible no matter the effort.

Wolfgang 'datenwolf' Draxinger, eudyptula (a) datenwolf _ net